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Spolka Jawna

ul.Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warszawa

tel: +48 22 896 94 87
  +48 517 198 632
  +48 517 198 490
fax: +48 22 835-03-54


About Lencomm Trade International

Lencomm Trade International is a privately-held small trade company that was founded in 1990. We have 6 employees (sales staff) and cooperate with few part-time consultants focused on molecular biology and biotechnology, microbiology, hormones and markers, gastroenterology and osteoporosis. The distribution of wide range routine diagnostic tests and kits in vitro and in vivo as well as research products for molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics and immunology makes the base of our activity.

Knowledge of our diagnostic research market, marketing experience and the global relationship with major Polish diagnostic centers, clinics, hospitals and research centers as well as routine labs let us be the representative as well as distributor of the following companies on Polish market:

OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Biomerica, Inc.

USCNLIFE™ Wuhan EIAab Science Co., Ltd. (USCNLIFE products)

Life Technologies Corporation (former Invitrogen Corporation)
New Concept Lab GmbH
DiaSource ImmunoAssays
Trinity Biotech
Medical Wire & Equipment Co
Kibion AB
Izinta Trading Ltd.
IDL Biotech
Sigma Aldrich (radioactive products only)
Ani Biotech OY


Launching on Polish market Hp rapid tests as well as 10 years ago products of American companies Cell Signaling TECHNOLOGY (CST) and NEW ENGLAND BioLabs (NEB) has been considered by us as the most important achievement of Lencomm Trade International.

Currently we distribute the following products:

Signal Transduction and Neuroscience products, Multiplex Reagents, Immunology products, Detection Reagents, Restriction Endonucleases, Polymerases, DNA/RNA Modifying Enzymes, Nucleic Acids, RNAi/Gene Function Analysis, Protein Expression, Drug Discovery, Chromatin
Regulation/Acetylation, MAP Kinase Signaling, Apoptosis/Caspase Signaling, Akt Signaling Pathways, Translational Control, PKC and Phospholipase Signaling, Cell Cycle/Checkpoint Control, Cytokine Signaling, Tyrosine Kinases/Docking Protein, Cytoskeletal Regulation, Glucose/Energy Metabolism, Lymphocyte Signaling, WNT Signaling/ Nuclear Receptor Signaling
Gastroenteritis tests, Microbiology tests, Protein assays, Viral Serology tests, Steroid assays, Reproduction assays, Thyroid assays, Bone and Tissue markers, Tumor markers, Anemia markers and many others
Microbiology tests for industry
Raw materials (coating films, HPMC) for pharmaceutical industry


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